DRA engineers apply the systems engineering process to design, develop, test, verify and validate system delivery to meet user requirements. This is particularly applicable to projects where a final hardware or software product deliverable is the end state of the effort and is to be transitioned to the warfighter. In cases where a project is purely research oriented, DRA engineers tailor the elements of the process to the scope of the effort. In this way, DRA engineers provide the most cost effective approach to satisfying customer requirements.

DRA’s implementation of systems engineering practice includes the following elements:

  • User requirements definition and analysis
  • Develop system requirements
  • Design system/subsystem architecture
  • Proof of concept experiments
  • Risk analysis
  • Interface definition and management
  • HW and/or SW fabrication
  • Develop test and V&V plans
  • Perform unit/subsystem/system testing
  • Final acceptance testing

This process can also be visualized on the classic Systems Engineering VEE diagram

show below:


Systems Engineering