DRA design engineers use off the shelf components and custom components to create new sensors. The sensors consist of cameras and optical components. The engineers utilize ZemaxTM software to create and check out new sensor optical designs. DRA also utilizes outside design houses if needed for optical designs. The designs can be built and tested in DRA’s optics laboratory using off the shelf optical components. DRA has utilized 3D printing to package an optical sensor. Some of the sensors and optics are built by DRA qualified and approved subcontractors. DRA has conducted camera and lenses evaluations for our customers. DRA optical laboratory includes optical tables, integrating sphere, collimating mirror, monochrometer, optical point sources, optical power meters, Imatest software and test patterns, recorders that support most camera interfaces like Cameralink, GigE, USB3, HDMI and others and various tripods and other mounting hardware.


The DRA Optics Laboratory


Gary Evans and Dale Cull setting up an experiment in the optics lab

Gary Evans and Dale Cull setting up an experiment in the optics lab



DRA can create optical sensor designs using ZEMAX’s optical design capability.



An optical sensor using off the shelf components.



A Prototype Optical Sensor