DRA has been developing Missile Approach Warning (MAW) technology using electro-optical sensors to detect anti-aircraft missile launches since 1995. DRA’s approach is to use low cost off the shelf focal plane arrays (FPAs) for the sensors. DRA has developed an approach that results in a unique signature for missiles and other hostile fire that results in low false alarm rates.

DRA has coupled this sensor with algorithms to detect and track missiles and hostile fire. DRA has conducted flight tests of these prototype sensors to collect background “clutter” data over rural, suburban and urban terrain in order to facilitate the development of low false alarm rate algorithms.

These prototype sensors have also been field tested at live fire events at the Tonopah test range, Dugway proving grounds and other military test sites in recent years. These tests have been used to develop new algorithms to increase the probability of detection.


MAWs Prototype Sensor tested at Dugway Proving Grounds