DRA has planned and participated in multiple flight test scenarios including flight tests to collect background clutter data for our missile approach warning and sense and avoid sensors.

DRA has expertise working with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Flight Safety Office (AFRL/DO) developing and gaining approval for Technical Review Board (TRB) and Safety Review Board (SRB) documentation needed to conduct the flight test.

DRA works with the aircraft owner to develop the modification specifications which are submitted to the FAA’s Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for approval.

DRA has also participated in live fire ground tests conducted at Tonopah, Nevada test range and Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah to test our missile approach warning system in a real world test to detect surface to air missile launches. Prior to all test activities DRA develops detailed Test Plans that clearly identify:

  • Test objectives
  • Data collection attributes including hardware/software needed to capture required information
  • Test schedules
  • Organizations, Roles, Responsibilities and Key Personnel
  • Security requirements
  • Data reduction and reporting requirements including Quick-Look analysis
  • Safety requirements
  • Pre-test checklists to ensure compliance with all requirements
  • Reporting requirements and schedules