DRA’s team of highly experienced engineers and technicians can satisfy your need for Electronic Design Services.  Our expertise in taking customer requirements and designing components/systems to meet operational requirements has been well demonstrated, especially our ability to provide rapid prototypes in response to time-critical applications.

The following design services are available individually or as part of a turnkey solution:

Product Definition

  • Analysis of the customer’s problem and requirements. Partial designs, complete turnkey solutions or migration of current designs to newer products can be addressed.
  • Delivery of an operational and architectural specification for the customer to review before development begins. The design will take into account time-to-delivery, costs, and quality pressures and demonstrate an understanding of the problem.

Circuit Design & Schematic Generation

  • Schematic generation using ORCAD Schematic capture.
  • DRA is experienced in the use of state-of-the-art electronics such as A/D and D/A converters, high-speed memories, clock generation/distribution components, AC/DC and DC/DC power converters, battery systems, impedance-match connector systems, high-speed serial/parallel data interfaces and high-end processing systems.
  • DRA specializes in the use of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout and Fabrication

  • DRA is teamed with pre-certified design and layout subcontractors to provide top-quality, ISO-9000 certified PCBs. The utilization of these technology specialists eliminates the high costs associated with sustaining/updating these complex infrastructures in-house while still providing DRA with access to state-of-the-art processes and technologies to allow our designs to be at the fore-front of technology.
  • Mentor Graphics PADS Suite is utilized for layout and Gerber file generation.  A free PCB viewer is available through Mentor Graphics to allow customers to accurately review and assess the work.
  • Multilayer rigid, flex and rigid-flex PCBs containing up to 60 layers can be supported.
  • Layer stack ups can support multiple power planes and provide critical controlled impedances for high-speed signal nets.  Impedances are verified using Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) on fabricated PCBs.
  • Fine pitch Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) commonly found in state-of-the-art processors and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies are supported.

PCB/Circuit card Assembly

  • DRA is teamed with pre-certified subcontractors to provide top-quality, ISO-9000 certified electronic PCB/circuit card assembly services.  
  • Both small quantity rapid prototyping (3-5 day turn around) and high volume production can be supported.
  • Supply chain management can be provided by tapping into a competitive, well established supplier base.  Select venders can be utilized to acquire small quantities in support of rapid prototype builds while avoiding the high costs associated with minimum purchase requirements typically encountered with larger part venders.

Delivery and Support

  • Delivery of supporting documentation including schematics, PCB Gerber files, and written theory of operation.
  • On-site integration and hardware-in-the-loop testing as required.
  • Comprehensive support and on-site training to ensure a complete design transfer to the customer.
High Performance FPGA board

High Performance FPGA board


David McDaniel designing FPGA board layout

David McDaniel designing FPGA board layout