DRA, under contract with UTC Aircraft Wheels and Brakes (formerly Goodrich), designed and manufactured an electronic Brake System Simulator (BSS) that interfaces with the Brake Control Unit (BCU) (actual flight hardware).

The BSS was part of a simulated aircraft that contained simulators of all the avionics hardware on the aircraft. The BSS communicated with other avionic simulators using reflective memory over fiber optics. The BSS simulates complete operation of an aircraft’s brake system including over 400 inputs and outputs to the actual flight hardware including LVDTs, pressure transducers, thermocouples, speed sensors, servo motors, and digital inputs and outputs.

The BSS software evaluated outputs from the BCU and inputs of aircraft state from the reflective memory and calculated what the inputs to the BCU needed to be and then output signals to the BCU’s inputs at 200Hz. A graphical user interface (GUI) was developed to monitor and control the BSS. The GUI contained a diagram of the brake hydraulic system allowing the user to monitor performance of the various components and easily monitor fault conditions.


Aircraft Brake System Simulator