Michael Deschenes

Senior Vice President

Mr. Deschenes joined DRA in 2000 and is the Senior Vice President for Engineering where he is responsible for the overall performance of the engineering group. He brings over thirty years of engineering experience to DRA.

Mr. Deschenes ensures technical work executed under contracts is accomplished beyond the customer’s level of expectation; assists in bringing in new work to continue to grow the company; adapts new technologies to address customers’ needs; maintains and matures technical staff; and assigns technical staff to programs.

Prior to joining DRA, Mr. Deschenes was an Engineer at Northrop Grumman, Amherst where he developed system performance models integrated into the Joint Modeling and Simulation System (JMASS) leading to a demonstration of a real-time JMASS capability. He has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical Engineering) and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering both from the University of Florida, Orlando, FL.