Larry Janning

Business Development

Mr. Janning joined DRA in 2012 and In 2015, he was named DRA President. He has extensive experience in Systems Engineering, Modeling and Simulation, Hardware/Software Development, and Intelligence Analysis. He has expertise in Systems and Electrical engineering; Research and Development of technologies related to sensors, aircraft systems, materials, and human effectiveness; Analysis utilizing modeling, simulation, and visualization tools; and Intelligence analysis and reverse engineering. Mr. Janning has experience in Program Management, Team Building, Organizational Leadership, and Corporate Leadership. He has over 38 years experience in science and technology (S&T) related program development, with specific skills in business development, program creation, ideation, and innovation.

He is expert at leading teams in developing solutions to engineering problems and creative approaches to product development. Mr. Janning has worked with local economic development organizations and local companies and universities to establish coalitions and collaborations in support of congressionally-directed technology infusion efforts. He has worked in government, industry, and academia. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from Wright State University.