No job is too large or too small for our team. We have developed technology for smaller projects—such  as the Phantom Skull brain simulator for Wright State Research Institute—as well as complex systems for larger projects—such as the Common Airborne Sense and Avoid system for Remotely Piloted Aircraft and the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) system, Vigilant Eagle, for Tech Edge.

Turn to DRA for your next rapid development requirement, and we guarantee that we will meet your needs.

  • When Goodrich Brake Systems Division needed a complex Brake Simulator for a new regional jet, they turned to DRA. In only six months, we delivered the system they needed.
  • When Air Force Research Laboratory Electro-Optic Countermeasures Branch (AFRL/RYWW) needed complex field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processing, DRA fulfilled their requirements.

We employ innovative systems engineering processes and have a work force committed to quality performance—a commitment reflected by our track record of accomplishment in technology development and transition. Let us apply that commitment to your project.

Which of your ideas can we make into reality?

Mission Statement

The mission of DRA is to apply the highest quality engineering practices and principles to solve complex problems for our customers.
DRA prides itself in being a highly innovative engineering company with a track record of delivering on-time, in-spec products and capabilities with-in cost.

Vision Statement

DRA seeks to continually improve our processes and capabilities in order to remain the go-to company for delivering high quality engineering solutions for our customers.


  • Commitment to quality is the pinnacle of our values where we go the extra mile to ensure our products and solutions meet and exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Commitment to our employees to provide a work place experience that encourages cross fertilization of ideas and culture in a family centered environment
  • Commitment to our customers to provide the best engineering solution available to meet their needs
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